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Event PhotoCongratulations on helping to improve older adult health and fitness by hosting a 2017 National Senior Health & Fitness Day® event!

On Wednesday, May 31st, you will join an estimated 1,000 organizations hosting local Senior Day events for 100,000+ older adults across the country on the same day. The 24th Annual National Senior Health & Fitness Day is the nation’s largest older adult health and
wellness event!

This Web site provides all of the materials and resources you need to plan and organize a successful Senior Day event. Don’t forget to check the Event Promotion Items tab for official Senior Day T-shirts, balloons, buttons, pens, handout bags, posters, and certificates that you can order for your event (store opens in February).

If you have any questions after reviewing what’s here, please contact us anytime by e-mail:, or by phone: 1-847-816-8660 (weekdays 9-5 Central time).

Senior Day Promotion Items Store

New for 2017

Senior Health & Fitness Day Event Templates
These ready-to-use templates are available in MS Word format and make it easy to create your own flyers, brochures, letters and other promotional materials for your local event (available now in the Planning & Promotion section).

Senior Health & Fitness Day Idea Exchange
A photo gallery of recent event materials developed by local organizations for their events (available now in the Planning & Promotion section).

Please note the following:

1Your Senior Day registration is for one local event only. If you or any others in your organization are planning events at other locations, you must register each event separately.

2Please check back regularly for updates on our website. We will be adding new resources and useful event materials weekly—up to Senior Day on Wednesday, May 31st. Also, watch your e-mail for regular issues of our event e-newsletter, FitnessdayNEWS.

3As part of your registration, you agreed that you and your organization will not produce or distribute any promotional items (T-shirts, pens, balloons, buttons, etc.) that feature the National Senior Health & Fitness Day® name and logo. These are federally registered trademarks and can only be used on official event promotion items available for purchase through our Senior Day store. Any violations of our trademarks for promotional items may result in cancellation of your event and legal action.

4With your registration, you further agreed that our state/regional and national sponsors may distribute their materials at your local event—unless otherwise prohibited by your organization. Our state and national sponsors may also attend and/or participate in your local event, provided they contact you in advance.

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Important Note:
The information and materials on this Web site are protected by copyright and federal trademark law and may only be used by organizations that have registered for the 2017 National Senior Health & Fitness Day®. Organizations or individuals that have not registered for the event and use any of the logos, the event name, and/or any materials on this website, are subject to legal action.

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